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A Thoughtful Gift!

Medical residency training is an amazing opportunity, filled with a lot of stressful scenarios that test your knowledge and grit.  I have had the pleasure of working with some excellent Fellows in the various subspecialty fields, including one in particular from the Critical Care Medicine department.  Knowing that I am pursuing a Gastroenterology fellowship position, he went through the effort to give me this textbook just a couple weeks ago.  Completely unexpected, and very thoughtful!  I’ll always remember this!

Graduating this June, one of my favorite Critical Care Medicine fellows gifted me this book.

Custom Green Photography

With the advent of Spring, I wanted to develop a photograph I took while on my honeymoon in Maui, Hawaii with my wife.  Just outside our West Maui lanai, this plant caught my eye with its repetitive design.  It nearly jumps off the screen!  You will notice some rainwater still left on the leaves.  I’ll add more “green”-themed photos once developed.

Sunset in Florida

Atop was the photo challenge earlier this month.  I took this photograph in October 2016 looking east in the center of downtown Orlando.  To the center and right are a couple of prominent condominium towers on a gorgeous backdrop of a Florida autumn sunset.  I hope you all like it!

Massive Waterfall on Kauai, Hawaii

I captured this image during my honeymoon Hawaiian helicopter flight.  A distant – but massive – waterfall on Kauai immediately drew my eye.  The shadow cast by the massive rocky mountainside opposite the waterfall provides contrast in this bright scene.

My take on this week’s “Photo Challenge,” called Shadow.

Maui Flora

One of the many gorgeous flowering plants flourishing just outside our honeymoon balcony in Maui, Hawaii. I took this photo on our very first day. You can appreciate water “sticking” to the underside of a pedal in the middle of the photo. Scenes like this created a special ambience. (Copyright Spencer C. Knox, MD 2017)

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