My random thought at the end of the day today is regarding the origin of the word “doctor.” A simple search online will show that Oxford Languages, for example, derives the modern term “doctor” from Latin docere (to teach). Though I have much to learn about every aspect of gastroenterology and hepatology, more and more […]

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Origin of ‘Doctor,’ a Resident’s Perspective

It’s extremely helpful and interesting to know the origin of words.  People working in medicine are delineated, in part, by their title.  It assists patients and professional colleagues in knowing who to trust when information is needed.  A key member of the medical team is the doctor, also known as physician. Where does ‘Doctor’ come from?

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PGY-1 “Intern” Year In Review

It’s time for the obligatory “year in review” post, and I couldn’t be more proud.  Intern year is an emotional rollercoaster, marked by episodes of triumph and failure.  The year is almost over, and I am (anxiously) awaiting my second year of residency training.  Finishing intern year (first year) is a huge milestone in my professional

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