New Parents and Fellowship

Watching our baby, Henry, grow each and every day is truly a blessing. He turns 6 months old later this month! Every couple of days, Henry does something entirely new. Right now, he is turning over from back to belly. He’s nearly ready to start crawling. His giggles are incredible! I’m smiling right now as I write this. Henry also loves reaching out for toys, investigating each item, and loves watching his dog Chloe walk around the house.

I get it; I totally see why every other parent talks about babies and the pure joy they bring. Our baby boy is a warm, bright light that always makes my day. If I have a challenging day in the hospital, be it long hours or difficult cases, seeing his smile melts my heart. Every. Time.

This is a formal hello to all of the new dads and moms currently in training, be it medical school, residency, or fellowship. You can do this!

Photo by Chris Barbalis.

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