First Job After GI Fellowship

The time has come to get serious about finding my very first post-fellowship job. I’m looking for the “right fit” for me. Easier said than done. In response, I’ve created a series of questions that I hope to have answered at some point during my interviews with each practice. Now having interviewed at multiple practices, it’s clear that the interviewer has memorized many of these questions; however, I find it important to repeatedly refer back to these questions making sure I get important items answered.

This post will serve as a continuously-updated archive of those questions; the more I learn on my journey, the more I will add to this post.

Important Initial Interview Questions

I find that the majority of these questions find their way into each initial meeting. Whether that is via telephone with the senior partner at the group or in-person (see: pandemic issues), the fact remains that this series of questions provides a great overview of the opportunity at hand. Starting from the top of the list and moving down, I am attempting to write each question in chronological order: questions at the top are asked first, with subsequent questions further down on the list.

  • Why are you hiring? (e.g. physician leaving, retiring, patient demand, etc.)
  • Tell me about the group. What is the culture like?
  • What would my typical daily schedule be? ¬†Average volumes, understanding there is variation among the doctors in the group.
    1. How many clinic patients are scheduled per day (or 1/2 day session)?
    2. How many scopes are performed per day?
    3. Describe typical work hours: start/end times for endoscopy, start/end times for clinic.
  • What hospital(s) would I be expected to cover? What is the call schedule?
    1. How many inpatient consults per day?
    2. What is the overall census?
  • At the hospital: IR and surgery support?
  • Do you foresee any significant changes to the group in the near future? Specifically, ask about impending buy-outs by larger firms if in an area that has competing private-equity backed groups.
  • Does the group encourage CME, teaching, hospital staff, and medical society activities?
  • Tell me about the compensation package. For the first 1-2 years of employment, what is the salary guarantee? Describe any productivity bonus.
    1. For private groups: what are the eligibility requirements for partnership? Please give a ballpark figure of the average earner in the group.
  • Are regular staff meetings held? Do all the doctors attend?
  • For private equity-backed or large groups (>10 GI physicians): what is your relationship like with administration? Specifically, describe any expectations the executive suite may/may not have.

Photo by Jens Lelie.

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