General Thoughts

Chloe Turns 1!

Happy Birthday! Today, our beloved Cavalier King Charles puppy, Chloe, officially turns 1 year old!  I may be a bit biased, but she has become my favorite doggie of all time!  Here is a photo from earlier today of her basking in the early morning sun on our balcony.  Have a special day today, Chloe!

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General Thoughts | Internal Medicine Residency | PGY-3

Goals for 2018

This weekend has been really relaxing and re-energizing.  Weekends are rare during residency, and are exceedingly sparse during the first and second years.  This year, my third and final of residency, has ushered in more weekends.  It’s been awesome for organizing and cleaning at home.  Today, I’ve been able to vacuum, clean the kitchen, and […]

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General Thoughts | Technology

Consolidating Social Media Accounts

I recently came across a terrifically intriguing TEDx talk regarding social media.  The title?  “Quit Social Media,” by a self-proclaimed “Millennial, computer scientist, book author” from Georgetown University.  A short 13-minute video with over 1.5 million views (as of May 31, 2017), with that title, instantaneously piqued my curiosity.  I watched.  He also wrote an article for the NY […]

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General Thoughts | PGY-1

Millennial Doctors and Social Media

I’m part of the “Millennials” class of physicians.  Depending on the source you read, it’s generally characterized as people born between the years 1982-2004, give or take a couple years on either end of that date range.  We’re learning a great deal from our senior medical professionals, also known as Attendings.  These are our predecessors – […]

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