Bigger Family = Bigger Car?

As our little family unit grows, so does the amount of “stuff” that we feel is necessary to bring along with us for weekend getaways. Now, I use this type of wording because certainly any size car would transport my wife, baby, and I. However, being a new parents, we want to bring anything and everything that will make life easier. It has become readily apparent that our current “compact SUV” just barely has enough space to bring our baby travel “essentials.” Our current car’s lease is coming due this November, and so we are starting to look for the next car that will serve as our people and stuff mover.

After hours of research of reading/viewing mid-sized SUV reviews online, including reading the dad-trusted Consumer Reports car reviews, it seems like the Kia Telluride would be a great option. I like that it blends a ton of modern safety features with good styling, and a reasonable price. Not sure yet what we’ll do! I’ll keep you posted.

Kia Telluride SX. Maybe it’ll be our next people-mover?!

Nature photo by JOHN TOWNER.

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