Fellowship Workstation

For quite some time, I’ve wanted to build a completely custom PC.  Generally, custom PCs are purpose-built with specific tasks in mind.  For my workstation, I wanted a blazing-fast system that will carry me through fellowship, with the ability to easily upgrade components as needed.  In my off time, I like processing photos from my mirrorless camera (produces large files, also known as “RAW” format … Continue reading Fellowship Workstation

My Last Month of Wards as a Resident: Reminiscing

With only one week remaining in my final month of Wards (adult inpatient medicine), I’m finding the moment bittersweet.  Undoubtedly, there’s a sense of nostalgia.  I remember my first day of Wards, not knowing the answer when an RN asked me, “Can the patient in room [632] eat breakfast?”  I remember hours spent answering the onslaught of pages from the floor pager when on-call.  I … Continue reading My Last Month of Wards as a Resident: Reminiscing